Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform and network through which all local food manufacturers and charities can easily communicate with one another to combat hunger. B2C is still in the beginning stages of development. We are building networks in Los Angeles and Chicago and are proud to have facilitated the donation of more than 7000 units of food.  To further benefit local communities, we plan to expand our platform to include manufacturers that produce other products and develop networks to support natural disaster relief efforts. Our goal is to implement this model in other cities and eventually throughout the world.


Our Story

It all began when we all started discussing ways to combat hunger. During our visit to a food manufacturer, we took notice of the significant amount of excess products that occupied their warehouse space. Surprised by the amount of excess products, we gathered more information to see if other local food manufacturers had similar challenges. Sure enough, they did. We learned that local charities would sometimes pick up products but never consistently. Desiring to take action, we co-founded Business2Charity (B2C) to create a simple, fast, and easy process to facilitate donations of products from food manufacturers to charities.